Diagnostic Services



Lubaga hospital has a well equiped laboratory that deals with tests which include parasitological, Haematology, Serology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, HIV tests, and Pathology. The laboratory has also well trained staff.

• Assessment of the laboratory with several recommendations was done by an external consultant in may 2912 and areas to be improved were noted and are being worked on especially infrastructure, soft ware and internal organization
• An electrolytes analyzer able to determine 5 parameters was bought and a haematology machine 3 part differential was also bought
• CD4 count machine was acquired
Future plans

• Development of software to assist in data management is underway
• Acquiring a fully automated chemistry analyzer to quicken accurate chemistry results
• Acquiring a new blood bank refrigerator and serum electrophoresis machine
• Intensify CME both internal and external
• Expansion of the working space
• Employ more laboratory technologists

X-Ray Section

The X-Ray/Ultra sound section is run by a part time radiologist, two radiographers, three sonographers, a dark room attendant and a secretary.
Xray Section
The section has several equipment including:
1. A duo-diagnostic X-ray machine of Phillips mode in a good working condition which does both fluoroscopic and plain x-ray examinations
2. A portable x-ray machine
3. An Automatic X-ray film processor
The section does several examinations which includes chest x-ray, Spinal column, Skull x-ray, abdominal x-ray, Pelvis and hip x-ray, Shoulder and clavicle, Upper limb, Lower limb, Screening/Fluoroscopy. Compared to the overwhelming number of patients that come to the hospital there is need for another machine.

Ultrasound Section

The section has two working machines one in OPD and another in the PMTCT section. A machine with doopler functions is expected to improve on the services.
Examinations done in this section include Abdominal examinations/Obstetric examinations, Chest and Neck, Small parts (scrotal) and pelvic