Our Dental Clinic

At Lubaga Hospital Dental Clinic we believe that it is important to treat our patients not only with high quality care, but also to educate you about your oral health and to empower you to live a healthy life. Your first visit as a new patient involves a simple Check Up of your mouth. The aim of this is to determine your dental needs, to create a treatment plan for you if required and any advice the dentist may have to help you keep healthy teeth. The dentist may ask you a few questions about your teeth for example if you had any pain or lost a tooth before.

The Team of the Dental Clinic

Dental Services at Lubaga Hospital


Conservation/ Fillings

  • Fillings as Amalgam, Glass Ionomer, Composite, Intermediate Restorative Material (Temporary)
  • Root canal therapy (RCT),posts and core buildup, pulpotomy and pulpectomy for conservation
  • 008-magnifying-glass


  • As part of school or travel requirement
  • Oral (mouth) cancer screening for people above 50 years and tobacco smokers
  • Scaling and polishing (cleaning)
  • 002-tooth

    Specialized Procedures

  • Prosthetic Treatment e.g. Denatures, Crowns, Bridges and Implants
  • Orthodontic Treatment e.g. braces, retainers, fixed and removable appliances
  • Surgery e.g. Orthognathic, Bone plating
  • Treatment of swellings (face and neck)
  • Treatment of jaw and facial injuries
  • Imaging

  • Dental CT
  • Dental X-Ray