Hospital Management Team

strategic-plan-25-jul-16The Hospital Administrative Team(HAT) is composed of 14 members representing main departments and cross-cutting functions of the hospital. It usually meets fortnightly. The current HAT is composed of:

• Executive Director
• Medical Director
• Hospital Administrator
• Principal Nursing Officer
• Head Public Health Department
• Hospital Chaplain
• Hygiene and Quality Control Nurse
• Public Relations Officer
• Human Resource Officer
• Internal Auditor (optional member)
• Finance Manager
• Systems Administrator
• Principal Tutor
• Personal Secretary

  There is a medical core team that meets daily to discuss the daily management issues in the hospital and make way forward for the smooth running of the hospital activities. This is composed of the Executive Director, Hospital Administrator, Medical Director, Finance Manager and Principal Nursing Officer. There is also an administrative core team (core HAT) that meets daily; it is comprised of the Executive Director, the Hospital Administrator, Workshop Manager, Estate Manager, Finance Manager, Procurement Officer and Deputy Hospital Administrator.