Public Health Department

The Public Health Department of Lubaga Hospital is a complex service addressing Maternal Health/ANC, Child Health/Vaccination, Sexual Reproductive Health/NFP, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS/TB care and Community/School Health. The focus of the department is to offer preventive, promotive, supportive and palliative services at Lubaga Hospital and in the community where Lubaga Hospital operates. A total of 43 staff headed by a double trained Registered Nurse/Midwife provides the preventive services of the department. The PHD team is supported by 32 Community Health Workers and 11 Community Counsellors.

Services of the Public Health Department of Lubaga Hospital


Post-Natal Services

During Post-Natal Services mothers and babies are examined to check on any complications which might have arosed after delivery. Moreover mothers are counselled on Natural Family Planning and breast feeding and babies are getting immunized.

MEN’s Access Clinic Program

The clinic also runs a MEN’s program every Thursday starting at 5.00 pm where free health education sessions for the couples, counselling and testing for HIV are offered. Especially male partners are adressed to understand and support their female partner through their pregnancy periods.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer screening is done daily from Mondays to Fridays, free of charge for HIV positive mothers. .

Immunization Services

Immunization is done at Lubaga Hospital daily form Monday to Friday. The immunization of Children is done in the Maternity, the Peadiatric Ward and in our eight outreach stations in Lubaga district.

HIV/AIDS Related Services

The Public Health Department has an HIV/AIDS Care and treatment section as known as AIDS Care and Treatment (ACT) Program. The project was implemented at the hospital in 2012 and receives financial support from UCMB.

Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment

The TB Clinic is another clinic of the Public Health Department which is directed by a full time Clinical Officer. The connection of TB and HIV clinic is more strengthened, detection and screening of HIV+ patients for TB with GenXpert machine is routinely done if A and B symptoms are present.

Nutrition Services

Screening for Malnutrition is actively done in the three outlets of the hospital (OPD, Outreaches and PHD). The number of screened clients is increasing and the number of the malnourished is also big.

Promotion of School Health

The Community/School Health Unit does promotion of school health in schools around Lubaga Hospital during school days and the holidays. The program is partly funded by Aktion Canchanabury/Germany and UCMB-ACT Program. Topics of discussion included: Social Behaviour among the youths, sex and sexuality, personal and communal hygiene, Facts about HIV/AIDS.

Natural Family Planning

The Public Health Department of Lubaga Hospital has an active Family Planning Clinic for offering Natural Family Planning Services. Individuals who seek for advice come daily from Monday to Friday on Antenatal or Postnatal Clinics and receive information about the following methods: • B.O.M (Billing Ovulation Methods) • LAM (Lactating Amenorrhea) • Moon-Beads-Method • Two Days Method

Community Health Services

The Public Health Department has an active Community/School section which offers community services in the 8 outreach stations in Lubaga Devision (Ndeeba, Mutundwe, Kabowa, Kitebi/Nyanama, Busega, Najjanankumbi, Nateete and Lungujja) Services in the community and on outreaches include health education, child immunization, HIV counselling, screening for malnutrition and provision of RUTFA, treatment of opportunistic infections, natural family planning, tracing of patients on ART/TB for adherence and palliative care of the bedridden patients.