Frequently Asked Questions

1What type of Hospital is Lubaga?
Uganda Martyrs' Hospital Lubaga is a private not-for-profit institution, which wants to provide affordable quality healthcare.
2What services can I get from Lubaga?
Lubaga offers diagnostic services, preventive services and Public Health, surgeries, internal medicine, maternity and antenatal care. Moreover Lubaga offers Inpatient services and physiotherapy as well as treatment for dental and eye care in our specialized clinics.
3How do I get the birth certificate of my baby, who was born in Lubaga Hospital?
Birth certificates can be obtained from Data and Records Office within the hospital during working hours from Monday to Friday.
4How much will my treatment at Lubaga cost?
The total cost for a treatment at Lubaga are not predictable. Our fees are depending on the heaviness of the case and the material which is necessary to use. In order to follow our mission we do our best to provide affordable healthcare for our clients. For a general consultation we charge 7.000 UGX for an adult and 6.000 UGX for a child under 12 years old.