Uganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga is a 275+bed, Catholic, private-non-for-profit health facility. Established in 1899 primarily to provide healthcare services for the patients, we now have a bed capacity of 278 patients with specialist services in Obstetrics, Surgical, Medical, Public Health, Counseling, Physiotherapy, Prevention of Mother to Child services, Dental and eye care centre.

The main funding source (more than 95%) is the contribution of patients through direct user fees. Few patient groups are subsidized by the government or foreign donor funds, like patients affected by HIV and Tuberculosis. The Ministry of Health (MoH) and government of Uganda support is about 1-2% of our budget, the other external support is either through national or international donors.

In order to improve its Lubaga Hospital needs dire support for poor patients, to sustain and update equipment, maintain its infrastructure and invest in new construction for patients, staff and services.

Please indicate if you are interested to support any of the following needs:

i. Subsidies for poor patients;
ii. Purchase of new equipment (laboratory, medical, for the theatre, for nursery or children ward, maternity, pharmacy, x-ray department etc.);
iii. Renovation of hospital buildings and structures (OPD casualty, archive, of private and general wards, repair of staff quarters, repair of surgical theatre, endoscopy unit, Intensive care unit 2x, isolation facilities, library, archive, Dr's offices, water system etc.);
iv. Investment in new infrastructure (private ward and OPD, Girl's Hostel, kitchen and dining facilities for Health Training Institute, new Kindergarten, children playground, incinerator, staff canteen etc.).
Details of the necessary support can be obtained by e-mailing
Please help us meet the needs of our patients by donating through our bank account: