Our Services


General Practice

This includes the general outpatients, medical check-up (preschool a pre-employment) and the emergency unit. To access the service approach our reception in the outpatients-unit where our staff will direct you to a triage nurse. At the triage your vital science (blood pressure, etc.) will be measured and the nurse will direct you to the appropriate doctor. The doctor may ask you for some tests and further investigations or refer you to the pharmacy. Our cashiers are on standby to help you with your payments as you go along. We have Customer Guides to support you in case you have any questions. In case of emergency please approach our emergency unit right next to the outpatient’s gate.

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the discipline that deals with adult (acute or chronic) medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and infectious diseases. Our internal medicine specialists are available for outpatient consultation throughout the week between 9AM and 1PM and can be accessed easily throughout your admission.

General Surgery

Our Surgeons are available to attend to emergency and elective surgical conditions. Some procedures are performed as ambulatory surgery (you are allowed to go home on the same day) while others may require admission, basing on your doctor’s assessment. Diagnostic endoscopy services are available from Monday to Friday, while interventional endoscopy is scheduled. Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) is also available at Lubaga Hospital.

Inpatient services

Inpatient services are available for patients whom our doctors recommend to stay for observation for at least one night. The admission process includes completing of your inpatient chart and consent form, baseline investigations and transfer to your appropriate ward. You may be requested to pay a deposit before admission. The hospital has four major wards for the inpatient services, on each of these wards we have general, semiprivate and private beds depending on your preference. The medical team will visit you at least once a day or as often as necessary. Once your health has improved, you will be discharged to return for follow up at a later date. You will receive interim statements of your bill every other day of your stay to keep you updated of the costs of your care.


Pediatrics is a discipline with deals with childhood diseases right from birth to adolescence. At Lubaga Hospital we have the St, Kizito Neonatal Unit that caters for newborns and premature babies that require special care soon after delivery. The St. Bosco Children’s ward is reserved for the admitted older children. Our pediatrics team runs general and specialized outpatient clinics daily e.g. the sickle cell, the endocrine clinic and the chronic disease clinic.