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At Lubaga Hospital, women are our frontline workers, our spiritual leaders, our medical director, our doctors, our nurses, our midwives, our managers, our laboratory technicians, our radiologists, our accountants, our counselors, our human resource officers, our principal, our tutors, our consultants, our bio-technologists, our technicians, our administrators, our cashiers, our physiotherapists, our data officers, our pharmacist, our supervisors, our support staff and so many others.

Author: Godwin Saava

Yes it has been God till now. I am a highly self-driven analytical, God fearing, decision maker, team player with strong servant leadership skills and practical capabilities, a very good communicator who observes timely completion of tasks. Besides this, I love Photography, Travel, Discovering Business Venture, Saving life, and Earning a living. You can follow me on my Instagram page: @godwin_saava

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