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About Us

About Our Hospital



Our Background

Lubaga hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Uganda having existed for over 100 years, being founded in 1899. It is the second oldest hospital in the country and has offered health care to millions of people during its long history of existence. Over the years the hospital has built a reputation as a provider of affordable health care services and therefore has continued to attract and treat people of mainly mid level and low level status.

The hospital has remained faithful to its founding mission of providing quality health care to the less privileged. For this reason and considering its age and history the hospital has not expanded its product line but rather remained a modest general hospital. This makes the Hospital committed to a holistic integration and sustainable action in health, including treatment, prevention, health promotion and training of health workers.

In October 2012 the Board decided that the name of the hospital should be changed: from previously Rubaga Hospital to Lubaga Hospital.

The Board also clarified that the full name of the hospital is now: Uganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga.

Since the earlier years the hospital has been dedicated to the Uganda Martyrs. In 1942, two White Sisters admitted to Lubaga Hospital were healed from pneumonic plague, which was a deadly disease at that time. There were no antibiotics by then. The healing occurred after the intercession to the Ugandan Martyrs who had been beatified in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. The miracle in LUBAGA HOSPITAL was instrumental for the canonisation of the Uganda Martyrs as saints for the whole world. This was done by Pope Paul VI in 1964 during the Second Vatican Council. The Pope later visited Uganda in 1969 and visited Lubaga Hospital.

The staff and management of Lubaga Hospital feel that it is a great honour and responsibility to work and serve at a place where the Martyrs showed in front of the whole world that sacrifice, β€˜to make sacred’, is the consequence of loving the truth of a reality, the value of a person, not the denial of its goodness. We pray and hope that their example is not just a reminder and a lesson for us but a daily experience that helps us to grow as we follow the noble call of assisting the Lord in the process of healing of the sick.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To promote Christ’s mission of life and healing through providing sustainable, quality and affordable health care services without discrimination, especially against the less privileged

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of affordable, quality healthcare services in Uganda.

Our Principles & Values

The Principles & Values that guide all Lubaga Hospital staff

Respect for human life and dignity from its conception to natural death is at the centre of healthcare practice and the mission of the Catholic Church is the person in its integrity and therefore its comprehensive health. Lubaga Hospital cherishes this value and will promote practices and educate its staff and managers in extending Christ’s gaze on us while dealing with patients and clients. The Board may enlist the assistance of Catholic Religious Congregations to realise this principle.

The Board, Management and staff will strive to serve every client of the Hospital as a precious child of God: therefore in a fair and just manner without any discrimination based on sex, race, religion, political or other inclination or social status.

At Lubaga Hospital the person will be at the focus of operations. The staff will ensure and facilitate quality care services to every patient under their care. Healing, caring and consoling the sick will guide the relationship between the patient and the staff of the Hospital.

The Board, Management and staff of the Hospital are expected to be and to strive to be people of integrity, to do their work in a transparent manner and be accountable for their actions to the Registered Owner, to the public and to clients..

The Board, Management and staff will ensure that the Hospital continues to pursue its mission of healing and promoting life, always ready to serve with the highest level of commitment and stewardship. Good stewardship includes facilitating a culture of learning, of striving for objectives, of self-evaluation of positive and negative results and independent assessment of outcomes, as well as seeking co-operation of other stakeholders wherever possible and beneficial for the mission of the hospital.

The Board, Management and staff are expected to demonstrate a high degree of respect for each other bearing in mind that the Hospital operates as a complex structure where everybody is called to do his or her work as part of a vocation to serve, each at his/her respective place. Only united and together can the hospital staff become a testimony of the love of God.

Management and staff will ensure that they act professionally in dealing with patients and clients. Professional ethics and standards will be adhered to by everybody working with the Hospital and all staff will be professionals holding positions that they are professionally qualified for. Continuous education and formation of its human resources in all aspects are key elements to ensure the best care of patients. Promotion of research and continuous striving to improve quality shall be a core value.

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