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About us

St. Micheal Lubaga Hospital Training Schools was established in 1956 in Lubaga Hospital by the Archdiocese of Kampala. We are a private, not-for-profit school. It offers both diploma and certificate courses in Nursing, Midwifery, Laboratory Techniques Emergency, and Theatre Techniques for both male and female students.


To train high reputable health workers who are able to provide holistic and high-quality health services.


To be a leading provider of quality and affordable health training in Uganda

School Motto

To Love All

School core values

God-fearing, Compassionate, strive for excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, and Accountability


  1. CERTIFICATE LEVEL                                                         DURATION
  2. General Nursing                            (CN)                                           2 ½ Years
  3. Midwifery                                 (CM)                                                 2½ Years
  4. Medical Laboratory Assistant                 (CMLT)                         2 Years
  5. Medical Theatre Assistant                   (CMTH)                           2 Years
  6. DIPLOMA LEVEL                                                                 DURATION

Nursing (Extension or Upgrading)  (DNE                            1½ Years


a) Extension or Upgrading                                (DME)               1½ Years

b) E-learning                                                      (DME-L)                 2 Years


a) Direct (Direct from A-Level)                 (DMLT)                   3 Years

b) Upgraders (With Certificate in Laboratory   (DMLT)            3 Years


  1. NEW COURSES STARTING SOON                              DURATION
  2. Diploma in Nursing Direct (From A-Level)      (DON)           3 Years
  3. Diploma in Midwifery Direct   (DMD)                                      3 Years
  4. Diploma in Emergency Nursing    (DEN)                                  3 Years
  5. Diploma in Theatre Techniques      (DTHT)                           2 Years
  6. Diploma in Physiotherapy  (DTHT)                                          3Years
  7. Certificate Emergency                                                                2 Years




Certificate in Nursing/ Midwifery| Laboratory

Techniques and Emergency and TheatreTechniques

a) MUST BE ABOVE 18 YEARS or making 18 by July.

b) UCE with Passes in English Language, Mathematics,

Physics, Chemistry & Biology (obtained at the SAME SITTING)

Diploma Level

a) Nursing Extension (DNE)

i) Certificate in General Nursing, Certificate in Comprehensive Nursing, Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing, or Diploma in Midwifery.

ii) Two (2) years of working experience.

b) Midwifery Extension (DME)/ DME-L

i) Certificate in Midwifery. Certificate in Comprehensive Nursing or Diploma in Nursing (Crossing)

ii)Two (2) years of working experience.


c) Diploma in Medical Laboratory (Upgrading) (DMLT)

i) Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology, NO working experience needed.

ii) Direct Entry: At least One Principal Pass in either Biology or Chemistry and one Subsidiary pass in the alternative subjects


d) Diploma in Nursing direct (DND)

A Level with one Principal Pass in Biology and one subsidiary in chemistry or physics.


 a) Mode of Application: Application Forms are bought from School; while payments are made in Centenary bank

b) When to apply: Starting August to February for all courses.


a) Diploma in Midwifery E-Learning                                        January every Year

b) Certificate Nursing                                                                    July every Year

c) Certificate Midwifery                                                                  July every Year

d) Diploma Nursing (Extension)                                                 July every Year

e) Diploma Midwifery (Extension)                                              July every Year

f) Certificate in Medical Theatre Techniques                             August every year

g) Certificate in Medical Laboratory Techniques                      August every year

h) Diploma in Medical Laboratory Techniques                          August every year