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Pastoral Services

Pastoral Services

The pastoral section of Lubaga Hospital aims at enhancing a holistic approach to Medical care for the benefit of all the hospital clients.

Activities of the pastoral section;

Pastoral supportive visits

The pastoral team does daily supportive visits for our patients in the hospital. This involves interacting with patients and attendants. The pastoral visits help to assess our patients who need sacramental interventions, psychological counseling, supportive interventions and other social needs.

Educative and spiritual retreats/workshops

The pastoral team ensures staff and patients’ spiritual welfare. This helps both to realize God in each other, leading to a better working relationship. Therefore the staff of Lubaga Hospital has got seasonally the opportunity to join religious retreats to achieve this spiritual welfare.

Daily Masses

The pastoral office coordinates the daily masses at the chapel of Lubaga Hospital. This spiritual life helps to continue the good work in the Hospital as a family of God, with God as our source of strength.

Ensuring staff and patient welfare

The pastoral team avails for all staff who need to share emotional challenges or any discontentment. This helps to resolve conflicts at the work place. In the same way whenever the pastoral team learns of something which can affect client-care it forwards it to the concerned parties. This keeps a healthy working relationship and allows clients to provides suggestions to improve the services of Lubaga Hospital.