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Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Childrenโ€™s Ward

The Pediatric (Children) section provides curative health care integrated with preventive and promotive measures. These are managed in the following areas of the hospital: the baby Nursery (postnatal ward), St. John Bosco and St. Agnes wards and in the Outpatients clinics.

Care is given to babies form birth up to the age of 28 days in the Nursery unit, labour suite and St. John Bosco ward. Resuscitation and general pediatric care is provided to babies born in hospital and those delivered before arrival. Babies with problems at birth and 1st week of life are treated in the Maternity Theatre, Labour ward and the Nursing unit.

The paediatric Wards have 62 beds. There is one specialist and a consultant, one medical Officer, 3 intern doctors, and about 30 nurses. The paediatricians also look after the Nursery.


Employment of an extra paediatrician

Regular supply of oxygen for nursery and children

Managed 66 OP and 202 IP measles children with mortality of 3.4%

Future Plans

  • Follow up clinic by paediatricians for chronic diseases like TB and HIV
  • Special clinics for C.P. sickle cell, HIE, CHD, DMS and endocrinology

The Medical Ward

The Medical ward has 42 beds, 2 specialists, 1 Medical Officer, 3 intern doctors and 23 Nurses. Patients get admitted for different diagnosis but the reasons for admission do not differ much from the causes of morbidity in the population. Common diseases treated at the medical ward include HIV/AIDS related diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes, Anaemia, Urinary TRACT Infection, Ulcers, Malaria, Septicemia, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis.


Availability of a Physician,medical Doctors, and interns

Counselors are available on the ward

Continuous professional education sessions for medical staff

Availability of necessary equipment

The Specialists