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Public Health

Public Health


The Public Health Department of Lubaga Hospital is a consortium of six (6) services which include maternal health/ANC, child health/vaccination, sexual reproductive health/NFP, nutrition, HIV/AIDS/TB care and Community/school health. The department focuses on offering preventive care services (health education, vaccination, screening for HIV/TB, and screening for malnutrition…..), promotive services (ANC…), supportive services (HV/AIDS/TB care) and palliative services (care of bedridden patients in their homes).

PHD Services

The Department has six main section/units which represent the services:

  1. Antenatal/EMTCT/Postnatal Unit: Clinics run on a daily basis from Mondays – Saturdays

(In-charges: ANC- Consolata Namigadde: EMTCT- Teddy Nakabugo)

2. HIV/AIDS/TB services: HTS, TB and Aids care and treatment run daily, Men’s access clinic. 1x/week, HIV peadiatric and adolescent’s clinics 2x/week

(HIV PROGRAMME: Rebecca Birungi, TB: Freda Kisa)  

3. Preventive child care services: daily in PHD static clinics from Mondays to Saturdays, daily    in the wards including Saturdays and Sundays and 4x/week in the outreaches (Florence Atimango)

4. School health and promotive services in 7 outreach stations (integrated in existing services and pulse campaigns in the community x4/week (Margret Namujuzi)

5. Natural Family Planning: Daily 5x /week (Resty Birungi)

6. Nutritional, dietetic services (Lugania Lynette)

Each of these services are carried out in the hospital and in the community. The involvement of Lubaga Hospital in the community focusses in Lubaga South Health Sub-District. The department has established 7 Outreach stations at Ndeeba Catholic parish, Busega Catholic parish, Nateete, Mutundwe Catholic parishes, Nyanama, Kabowa and Lungujja where community activities are carried out.

A total of 43 staff headed by a double trained Registered Nurse/Midwife provide all the services. The head of department is supported by a Core team of seven members who are in-charges of the six core programmes of the department. The PHD team is supported by 32 Community Health Workers and 11 Community Counsellors trained by the hospital and these operate as volunteers in the HIV/AIDS clinics and outreach stations. The department runs five days. The department runs five days a week i.e Mondays to Fridays and vaccination services continue on Saturdays and Sundays at Maternity, Peadiatric ward and OPD for the newly born babies and for those children who missed their immunization schedules.